Subsite® Locators

830RT Locator

Identifying and tracing gas and water utility lines can be tricky business. A simple way to improve your frequency of success is the Subsite Electronics 830R/T utility locating system. Made to withstand the demands of rugged jobsites, the exceptionally easy-to-use 830R/T offers outstanding performance at a very high active frequency. In short, the 830R/T has everything you’re looking for in a contractor-grade locating system.

Utiliguard Locator

When locating utilities, accuracy is everything. More accuracy means less risk. So we packed the Subsite Electronics UtiliGuard® multi-frequency locator with accuracy-enhancing features, highlighted by Ambient Interference Measurement (AIM®) technology, which automatically recommends the best frequency. UtiliGuard also has a 12-watt transmitter that sends signals farther, an easier-to-read display and many other features you won’t find on any other locating system. Only UtiliGuard

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