Remondis, Lake Macquarie City Council, leads the way in organic waste recycling.

19 July 2018 – Members of the ELB Equipment Pacific team were honoured to join Remondis and the Lake Macquarie City Council in celebrating the opening of the new $10 million Awaba organic waste processing facility.

The gala event was well received, drawing a number of local, state and International VIPs. Guests included New South Wales state MPs, the Lake Macquarie Mayor, Kay Fraser and councillors, the Austrian Trade Commissioner, representatives from the New South Wales EPA as well as Remondis’ executive team, including owner and honorary chairman, Norbert Rethmann.

The state-of-the-art facility is one of the most advanced of its kind in Australia and a first for the Hunter Valley Region.  The Awaba organic waste processing facility is capable of recycling not only green waste organics, but also food waste, to produce a safe, high quality urban amenities compost to meet stringent Australian standards.

“The opening of this organics facility closes the loop on a process that began nearly a decade ago. That process was to identify and implement ways that we can reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and the costs associated with managing this waste,” acknowledged Mayor of Lake Macquarie, Kay Fraser in her keynote address.

“Today, the imperative to reduce waste is even stronger as we see the world gripped in a recycle crisis. We are working hard on finding local solutions to those problems as well. To be able to turn organics waste into a usable product, is a great step forward in our environmental management and an achievement of which we are all very proud,” concluded Fraser.

Food waste presents a number of potential risks and health concerns if not handled correctly. It must be thoroughly pasteurized in a controlled environment before it can be composted in a more traditional manner. To this end, Remondis installed five fully automated pasteurization tunnels at the site which will not only ensure the safety and quality of the output, but also ensure that any noxious odours are kept to a minimum.

With organic waste comprising as much as 60% of the waste stream, it presents the single largest opportunity for landfill redirection and recycling.While green waste organics are regularly recycled through mulching and composting, food waste, making up approximately 40% of the organics volume, presents far more challenges.

Thanks to the technology employed at the Awaba facility, the Lake Macquarie City Council hopes to reduce its landfill rate by as much as 30%. This will assist not only in preserving a limited resource but also save the council and its tax payers millions of dollars in land fill levies.

“Remondis has been composting garden waste at Awaba for Lake Macquarie City Council since 2013, and this new facility will enable us to further support their waste management objectives by converting food waste into a valuable resource,” said Mr. Luke Agati., CEO of Remondis Australia.

“Since 2013, Remondis has diverted more than 100,000 tonnes of garden organics from landfill in the region, saving more than $13 million in landfill levies for residents.”

After a lengthy proposal process and a great deal of consultation with the team, ELB Equipment was selected to supply the site with a Komptech Multistar L3. The key factors influencing the decision were ELB Equipment’s reputation for unmatched after sales service and support together with Komptech’s reputation for star screens that offer superior performance and throughput in wet, sticky organics applications. With 44,000 tonnes per annum being processed at the relatively compact site, it was important that the plant have high uptime and consistent throughput.

The Multistar completes the final phase of processing the organic waste into compost by separating the composted material into three size fractions. The large oversize fraction will either be returned to the process to provide structure and allow for further break down or will be used for landfill daily cover. The midsize fraction will be used by the council for gardens and flower beds and will be sold to the public as mulch. The fine fraction will be used on council sports fields and parks and sold to the public as a high quality, nutrient rich urban amenities compost that will improve soil health and help with drought tolerance.

ELB Equipment and Komptech have a long history of collaboration with Remondis having previous supplied equipment at other Remondis sites in New South Wales, including drum screens at the Telegraph Point processing facility.

“ELB Equipment is delighted at the opportunity to participate in this project that’s a flagship for Remondis and an industry leader in Australia,” said ELB Equipment Managing Director, Mr. Christopher Malan.

“We’ll do everything we can to ensure the success of this project. It’s important to Australia and the waste recycling industry that more councils follow in the footsteps of Lake Macquarie City Council and adopt source separated food waste recycling.”

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