Komptech Star Screen

Multistar One

The new Multistar One makes waste wood and biomass processing highly efficient. An upstream Crambo handles the shredding, and the new One then takes care of separating out a defined useful fraction while returning overlengths to the shredder. With a feed hopper for precise material transfer to the generously dimensioned screen deck, a discharge conveyor with 4 m cone height and a return conveyor that can pivot through 220°, the One is ready to deliver up to 200 m³/h throughput. The machine is built on a hook-lift frame, making it compact. The conveyors are designed for flexible positioning, while the low-wear screen deck and electric power ensure top economy.

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Multistar Hook

The rugged and easily mounted Multistar Hook star screen deck separates compost, bark, biomass, etc. into oversized and undersized particles – extremely reliably and with low noise levels. With its easily mounted footrest substructure, the simple roll-off version allows quick and flexible semi-mobile use. When used in conjunction with a shredder, overlengths (shredded waste wood, green waste, root wood, etc. ) are cut off effectively, resulting in simple, cost-effective material treatment.

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Multistar 2SE

Star screen technology from Komptech is regarded as one of the most effective separation methods for organic waste. Precise separation selectivity regardless of material moisture, and particle size change at the press of a button are particular features of the Multistar star screen. Its compact design makes the Multistar 2-SE star screen system simple to integrate. Its modular design and options such as underbody, feed metering container with feed and discharge belts, windsifting, etc. ensure customer requirements can be met perfectly.

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Multistar 3SE

Multistar star screens are not only among the most powerful screening machines, they are also unparalleled in operating efficiency. Compost, bark and biomass are separated extremely reliably and quietly. Stationary Multistar star screen systems leave no customer requirement unaddressed. With its modular design, screen decks, feed metering container, wind sifter and stone/magnet separation are tailored perfectly to the job at hand, generating up to 4 fractions in one operation.

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Multistar S3

The new Multistar S3 is the entry-level member of Komptech’s professional star screen line. Designed expressly for the needs of lower to moderate volume users, the S3 combines low cost with a level of performance previously only available in the high-capacity L and XL class. Built on a crane lift module, it has small dimensions while still offering the requisite mobility for service providers or multi-site use. Like the higher capacity models, the applications range from compost to green cuttings to bark, chips and shredded waste wood. Similarly, almost all the options of the larger machines are available – wind-sifting of the medium fraction, screen deck variations, switch from 3 to 2 fractions, hopper extensions and much more.

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Multistar L3

The new Multistar L3 is a further improvement of its line of Multistar star screens. High throughput across a wide range of applications, combined with the patented cleaning system for an outstanding degree of separation even with wet materials, make it the most capable machine in its class. The new features boost operating flexibility and simplify maintenance. Thus, cover panels don’t just protect the components inside, they also serve as access doors for full access to all maintenance points. Other highlights include a cassette configuration of the screen decks for rapid changes, adding flexibility. The screen drive components are tougher, the fines discharge system has been redesigned, and the control setup is even more intuitive.

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Multistar XL3

The new XL3 adds to Komptech’s line of large star screens. Its extra long coarse screen deck is a major benefit where coarse screening is a bottleneck, for example with fresh biomass. It brings a definite increase in throughput. The high performance and a semitrailer design for easy transport make the new XL3 perfect for the international market. The new XL3 offers unmatched flexibility through the simple adjustability of the screen cut and market-leading low energy consumption with all-electric drive, using electricity from on-board generator or grid.

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Multistar XXL3

The Multistar XXL3 and XXXL3 are the top line of high-performance star screens from Komptech. The machines are designed for the most demanding operation with the highest throughput, while retaining the benefits of mobility. Heavy-duty components for continuous operation, large screen decks with wide discharge belts and a powerful, but extremly economically electric drive via diesel generator all ensure throughput. The end result: Unbeatably low operating costs at full production.

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The Flowerdisc represents a further technology for the screening of pre-shredded commercial, bulky and bio-waste, a technology which combines high throughput, selectivity and resistance to contamination. Material is transported by shafts with rugged steel discs working on the disc screen principle. Movable jacketed pipes positioned between the discs prevent seizures and blockages by contraries.

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MULTISTAR ONE X 25 2 6.5 9.2 200
MULTISTAR HOOK X 12 2 6 4.5 150
MULTISTAR 2-SE X 12 2 7 180
MULTISTAR 3-SE X 40 3 7 4.8 250
MULTISTAR S3 X X 38 3 3.9 2.1 10 100
MULTISTAR L3 X X X 60 3 7.3 3.9 21 250
MULTISTAR XL3 X X X 60 3 6.8 6 22 300
MULTISTAR XXL2 X X X 60 2 11 22 500
MULTISTAR XXL3 X X X 100 3 11 6.1 26 400

* Throughputs are estimates only, under ideal conditions.

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