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American Augers® Drills

For larger pipeline machines ranging from 110,000 to over 1,000,000 pounds, American Augers is the world leader large utility HDD and maxi rigs.

With best in class power, innovative quick setup, and Wiggle Steer technology, there’s a reason American Augers is the best known name in large diameters and long bores.

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Mid Sized Directional Drills

Self-contained drilling systems with field-proven designs, mobility, and flexibility. American Augers Mid-Size rigs are guaranteed to succeed on the toughest trenchless jobs all over the world. You can count on performance, durability, and low down-time.

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Maxi Rig Directional Drills

American Augers offer track machines or trailer or skid mounted configurations. Each drill is designed with maximum horsepower, ability to maintain a long work life and for versatile use.

The American Augers’ rack and pinion drive provide smoother carriage movement, more precise operating control, longer system life, with less wear, and there are no complicated parts, that need to be consistently replaced. Innovations like these have allowed American Augers’ customers to perform at their best in all forms of utility installation and underground application projects.

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For more information on these and other American Augers products please visit the American Augers Website

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